Alpengeist - Inverted Roller Coaster

This snow beast is ready for his winter vacation.
Check back in the spring when he returns with more thrills.

German villagers have long told stories about a legendary snow beast they call Alpengeist®, the Ghost of the Alps. Like any good ghost story, it's what you don't see coming that scares you the most. Meet Alpengeist. One of the tallest, fastest, most insane roller coasters in the world. Before you can say "boo," the floor drops beneath your feet.

The surprises have begun.

What comes next is what many coaster enthusiasts still call the ride of a lifetime. After climbing to an Alpine high of 195 feet, riders are hurtled through six staggering inversions at speeds up to 67 miles per hour.

It's the spirit of the Alpengeist® that will haunt you long after you are finally released from its power.

  • Features one seat in rows 4 & 5 for people with a chest measurement exceeding 52 inches.


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