Battle For Eire - Virtual Reality Ride Coming in 2018

Battle for Eire - VR Ride

Your Journey Begins Spring 2018

Slip on your magic lenses, hop aboard a dragon and join the battle to save the Magic of Ireland. Experience 360 degrees of adventure on the new Battle For Eire ™ — Action VR Ride at Busch Gardens ® Williamsburg. The Otherworld needs a warrior. Team up with the last fairy guardian, Addie, and set out to rescue the sacred Heart of Eire. Hang on tight as you soar above the lush landscapes and mystifying powers of the Otherworld. Prepare to battle the dark forces. Will you be a hero? Take flight and fight the evil Dark Lord, Balor, to bring light to the darkness. Test your courage and send your spirit soaring on this one-of-a-kind, virtual reality thrill.

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Battle For Eire blog

Battle For Eire - Castle Abbey

Note: This is behind-the-scenes information and details showing early stages of development of Battle For Eire. This is not the final production and changes are subject to be made throughout the process. Please follow along over the next few months.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Technology

Located in the Ireland village of the park, Battle For Eire is a marriage of a motion-based theater simulator with state-of-the-art 360-degree virtual reality headsets, creating an innovative experience unlike any other in the attraction industry.

Riders will be completely immersed within the story and be able to see, hear and feel actions happening all around them, both through the VR headsets and within the motions of the simulator.

A standard version of the video will be available to view for those interested in a more traditional experience.

Meet the Characters

Whether ally or foe, learn more about the characters you'll meet along the way.

Addie - Battle For Eire


The last Fairy Guardian of Ireland who needs help to recover the sacred Heart of Eire.

Balor - Battle For Eire


Evil Dark Lord who gains power from consuming the good magic from Ireland.

Ollie - Battle For Eire


Legendary dragon and Addie’s sidekick in quest to recover
Heart of Eire.

Sluagh - Battle For Eire


A dark swarm of corrupted guardian fairies that travel in
huge flocks.

Battle For Eire Quick Facts

   State-of-the art 360-degree virtual reality headsets combined with a motion-based theater simulator will create an innovative experience unlike any other in the attraction industry

   Head mounts will be distributed to guests before each ride and will be sanitized after every use (similar to 4D glasses at attractions such as Curse of DarKastle)

   Head mounts are adaptable to many sizes

   VR headsets, which are tethered to the motion simulator seats, will connect to guests’ head mounts via magnetic closure

   A standard version of the video will be available for those interested in a more traditional experience

   Attraction video was created in 4K resolution