Griffon - Dive Coaster

Check back later and start spring off with a heart-pounding dive.

Join the bravest of ride warriors and challenge yourself to the 205-foot, 90-degree, 75 mph free fall. Some say that just waiting your turn to ride Griffon ® is a heart-pounding experience in itself, as you anticipate the moment of that cliffhanger drop on this tour de force roller coaster by B&M. Spectators get in on the fun, too, with thrilling vantage points and one serious soak zone kids love.

  • Features one seat in the front row, two in the second and one in the back for people with a chest measurement exceeding 52".


We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment to all our guests. We have two programs at Busch Gardens ® Williamsburg that are in place to assist guests with disabilities. Our Ride Accessibility Program (RAP) matches the individual abilities of our guests to the requirements of each ride. Take a look at our Accessibility Information and Accessibility Guide to learn about the RAP program, our Special Access Policy, and more.

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