All For One

The Musketeers are off on another adventure and will return next summer to share their story.

Action and adventure abound in this swashbuckling spectacular where friendship, loyalty, and physical feats of bravery define a true hero. It’s All For One ™, and one for all this summer as the Musketeers arrive at Busch Gardens ®' open-air Royal Palace Theatre. The night sky provides the perfect backdrop for this daring new evening show. In this adaptation of the classic French tale, join the Musketeers in a thrilling, courageous, and daring tour de force performance featuring duels, damsels, and a quest to save the Queen. From the shipyard docks to the Royal Palace court, escape into adventure with All For One.

Check the show schedule for the night you plan to attend, as times for this evening show vary each night. Some nights will have only one show. Limited seating is available, so be sure to arrive early. For an additional fee, limited reserved seating is available online.

Take a look at All For One's extra content, including behind-the-scenes information.