Experience Our Christmas Light Displays

Christmas shines brightest at Busch Gardens ® Christmas Town ™ this year with over 8.3 million lights, making it the largest holiday light display in North America. Check out the breakdown of how many lights are in each area of the park and how to best experience them during your visit. Join in the fun as the spirit of Christmas is brought to life.

How Many Lights are Around the Park?

The lights of Christmas Town™

How to See All of the Lights


The lights shine brightest after 4 p.m.



Take a stroll through the hanging wreaths and candles in England.



Visit Polar Pathway for a unique and glorious sunset with over 1.5 million lights in front of you (between 5 and 6 p.m.).



Travel over the bridge to the Italy and Holiday Hills ™ intersection. Prepare to be awed by the tree full of 100,000 lights.



Get into the retro holiday spirit in Holiday Hills and check out the Coca-Cola ® billboards, tinsel and nostalgic Christmas lights before meeting one very special red-nosed reindeer at Rudolph’s Winter Wonderland.



White lights and perfect symmetry will greet you in Italy Gardens, then look left on the bridge between Italy and Oktoberfest to see “Peace on Earth” lit on the train trestle.



For a Santa’s-eye view of all of our lights, enjoy a slow ride up and down on Nacht Tower ™ (it doesn’t drop during Christmas Town).



Our 50-foot Christmas tree, O’ Tannenbaum, has a light show every 30 minutes starting at 5:30 p.m. You won’t want to miss it.



The North Pole is bustling with sweet lights, falling snow and festive cheer. Be sure to get a peek through the gingerbread house window to see fresh homemade cookies.



Hop on the Skyride and head to Scotland. Look down and all around to get a view of lights like you haven’t seen before.



Walk beneath the globes in Scotland and see the blue lights all around.



Traditional green lights lead the way through Ireland, but also listen for the Irish music nearby. Smell the fresh-cut trees and see Christmas in a whole new light as luminaries lead you toward France.



Enjoy the 30-foot Christmas tree in France, with its own light show, and the 12 Days of Christmas décor.



Christmas in the country will come to life in New France as you make your way toward Caribou Train Station. Hop on the train and chug along the railway to Scotland and the park exit, while seeing the lights and enjoying Christmas music.


More to See at Christmas Town

How to enjoy all of our Christmas light displays

Experiences and prices subject to change. Itineraries are suggestions, not required when attending the event. Some require an additional fee. Christmas Town is a separate-ticketed event, not included with Pass Membership or Waves of Honor ™. Restrictions apply. See website for select operating dates and hours.

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