Hands-On and Customizable Experiences

Portraits and Caricature Artists 

Located throughout the park
Our talented artists from around the park are ready to draw your portrait. Make memories for the future with this personal keepsake. 


Antique Photo

Located in New France
Get dressed up in period clothes, and take a family picture to remember. Your antique photo will be a memorable keepsake and great conversation topic.


Caribou Pottery

Located in New France
Create one-of-a-kind memories by painting your own pottery or personalizing a leather bracelet or keychain. Shop our selection of whimsical home décor and accessories.


Hall of Names

Located in New France and inside German Gifts in Germany
What’s in a name? Learn about the history of your family name and we will help you discover gifts that showcase your family’s unique heritage.



Located in Northwoods Trader in New France 
Are you looking for a truly unique souvenir? We’ve got it. Just dip your hand in paint, and then one of our talented artists will fashion an animal around the print with pen and ink!


Name on Piece of Rice or Custom Carved Ring

Located in Northwoods Trader in New France 
Take home a special keepsake with your name on a piece of rice, placed in a small bottle for a unique accessory, or order a custom ring where your name is carved.


Wood Carver

Located in New France
Our laser cut, custom-made signs would add just the right personal touch to any home. They are also custom stained for maximum visual appeal.