Felt and Feather

Located in England
Celebrate your unique and noble heritage with hats for all occasions. Pick up anything you need to start your day.


The Emporium

Located in England
England offers a one-stop shopping extravaganza of all things Busch Gardens ®. You’ll find roller coaster memorabilia, souvenirs, apparel, hats, jewelry, accessories, gifts, toys and stuffed animals.


Abby Cadabby’s Treasure Trove

Located in Sesame Street ® Forest of Fun 
We can tell you how to get to the Sesame Street Forest of Fun where the air is sweet and there are many souvenirs, apparel and gifts featuring the famous neighbors. It’s the best place to find signature Sesame Street clothing, accessories and toys.


Tweedside Gifts

Located in Scotland
Take home your very own Clydesdale horse or sheep. Our exclusive plush toys will keep the memory close of our Highland Stables. We’ve got Scottish-inspired apparel and Loch Ness Monster ® souvenirs.


Kids ShamROCK! ®

Located in Ireland
Visit the coolest shop with the greatest variety of kids apparel, fabulous accessories, plush toys and gifts. 


Griffon Gifts

Located in France
Did you brave the Griffon’s 90-degree drop? Enjoy the ride again with a souvenir shirt from Griffon ® Gifts.


Alpengeist Gifts

Located in Germany
Even the legendary German snow beast shops here to stock up on his favorite Alpengeist ® and Busch Gardens gifts and souvenirs. 


Der Marktplatz

Located in Oktoberfest
Enjoy a wide selection of Busch Gardens-themed gifts, souvenirs, and apparel. Don’t leave without a whimsical t-shirt for a happy and practical remembrance of your visit.


Festhaus Gifts

Located in Oktoberfest
Explore this one-stop-shop of Busch Gardens souvenirs and apparel, including special items that salute our military’s active and veteran warriors.


Verbolten Shop

Located in Oktoberfest
If you braved the Black Forest, take home a Verbolten ® or Busch Gardens-themed souvenir.

Pompeii Gifts

Located in Italy
Visit our boutique of summer apparel, flip-flops and towels.

Roman Rapids Shop

Located in Festa Italia
Shop our endless summer selection of skater and surfing gear, flip-flops, towels and other Busch Gardens souvenirs.


The Tempesto Shop

Located in Festa Italia
The Italian daredevil has set up shop in Festa Italia. Stop by if you dare for Tempesto ® and Busch Gardens souvenirs.