Food & Wine Festival Inspired DIY Projects

Learn how to make your own tablescape with these do-it-yourself project ideas

If you’ve had the opportunity to visit Busch Gardens® Williamsburg during the Food & Wine Festival, you may have noticed the detail and design that goes into each of the kiosks. We asked Soriana from our Entertainment department to assist us in showing you how to make some of her designs from the Food & Wine Festival at home, as well as a few easy crafts to dress up your table this summer.

Bottle Cap Art

An example of a finished bottle cap art piece of Virginia

Bottle cap art is a fun way to decorate an exterior space, office, or kitchen. Using saved bottle caps, this versatile item can represent your favorite bottled brands, or can be painted for a textured look. Soriana’s example can be found at the Virginia kiosk at Busch Gardens’ Food & Wine Festival.


1. Collect all of your bottle caps. The necessary amount is dependent on the size of your project.

2. Choose an image that will be identifiable as an outline only.

3. Trace the image on your desired surface (scrap wood is used in the video).

4. Cut out your desired shape using safety equipment and sand down any rough surfaces.

5. Paint the object. Once the bottle caps are added, the paint will show in the gaps between caps.
Optional: Paint the bottle caps.

6. Attach the bottle caps using your preferred method (hot glue, shellac, furniture tacks, nails, etc.).
In the example, Soriana punched a hole in each bottle cap and used a furniture tack to secure the cap in place on the wood.

7. Continue securing bottle caps until the entire surface area has been covered completely.

An example of this project can be found at the Virginia kiosk at the Food & Wine Festival.



An example of a finished placemat and place card holder

This handmade placemat is a unique addition to your dinner party. Depending on your preference, you can either shape a piece of fabric to become your placemat or buy a solid colored placemat and add your own design. Use your imagination for this project to create something one-of-a-kind.


1. Cut your choice of material to desired shape (or purchase a solid, fabric placemat).

2. Stitch each side to prevent the ends from fraying (blanket stitch used in this example).

3. Use painter’s tape to grid off a pattern (if desired).

4. Dip the end of a wine cork in paint and dab project to complete your design.

5. Allow to dry and enjoy.


Place Card Holder

An example of a finished place card holder

Impress your house guests by crafting your own place card holder. Display a menu or message using a wine cork for an innovative table display.


1. Use a hand saw or X-Acto® blade to carefully cut a wine cork in half.

2. Sand the cut end down to create a flat surface.

3. Put a straight and shallow cut through the round side. This will serve as the slit for which your place card or menu card can be inserted.


Painted Vase

Examples of finished painted vases

No matter the occasion, a simple centerpiece can add festivity to any table. The painted vase uses recycled materials to add ambiance to your dining experience. Personalize this craft using any kind of glass bottle and decorate using colors and materials to suit your theme.


1. Take an empty wine bottle, champagne bottle, beer, or soda bottle and soak in soapy warm water until the labels dissolve and the sticky residue has been removed. This may take overnight.

2. Use a textured fabric, such as lace, and secure it around the bottle with small strips of double-sided tape or adhesive spray.

3. In a well-ventilated area, use a metallic spray paint to cover the desired area of the bottle, making sure to cover the fabric completely.

4. Once dry, remove the fabric to reveal the painted design.
Optional: Embellish with ribbon, burlap, or any other material to add to your theming.

5. Add live or artificial flowers and stems to the bottle to complete your centerpiece.


Mason Jar Luminaries

Examples of finished mason jar luminaries

These mason jar luminaries are the perfect way to add a little light when the sun goes down this summer. An example of this project can be found at the Virginia kiosk at Busch Gardens’ Food & Wine Festival.

Follow our steps to create your own mason jar luminaries


1. Thoroughly clean a glass mason jar with soap and warm water.

2. Once dry, apply metallic paint (any color) to the inside of the jar, covering the area completely. Repeat if desired.

3. Tape off the area under the exterior lip and paint the lip of the jar on the outside.

4. Once the paint starts to dry and becomes tacky, sprinkle a coordinating colored glitter on the lip.

5. Allow to dry, then add a filler (shells, sand, glitter, etc.) and votive or tealight.

An example of this project can be found at the Virginia kiosk at the Food & Wine Festival.