Mr. Karver's Workshop

Mr. Karver always strived, to make his dolls look so alive. The dolls performed, the crowds cheered, until all those people… disappeared. It’s the Evil Encore at Busch Gardens ® Howl-O-Scream ® with all-new terrors you’ll be dying to see.

He put his heart and soul into his dolls. After the authorities came to close him down, Karver locked himself in his workshop and burned it to the ground. Now, the dolls are back and they insist the show must go on.

The dolls are here to play: Meet Alfred


Serving up fun since 1947

He always kept the party alive in his spotless duds. With Alfred around, the libations were never ending and everyone was slack happy… until a crumb knocked him off his tray. Now, he’s tired of serving others and wants to serve your head on his silver platter.

The dolls are here to play: Meet Augustus


Providing unwanted commentary since 1956

Augustus was a dapper dresser with a rude mouth. The little devil on your shoulder, that wouldn’t shut up. His snarky remarks landed him in hot water and now he wants revenge. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The dolls are here to play: Meet Georgie


Testing your luck since 1972

Georgie was the coolest pal, always ready for wheelin’ & dealin’. When the dice didn’t roll your way, he had your back… until he stuck a knife in it. Sidekick no longer, Georgie is running the game and all bets are off.

The dolls are here to play: Meet Gibson


Sweet talking since 1928

Gibson was the good guy. He was a smooth talker with the dolls and the cat’s meow. Double-crossed by a dame in the speakeasy, this genuine nice guy got into a jam and now he walks the streets of Tin Pan Alley waiting for his next friend.

The dolls are here to play: Meet Max


Giggling at what cannot be seen since 1990

Max was the happy-go-lucky best friend. He always told the best jokes and loved to laugh. One dark and eerie night, a fire killed his master but Max survived. He’s never been the same since and he won’t rest until everything is burnt to ashes. Listen for his laughter, for he sees all and is always watching.

The dolls are here to play: Meet MeeMaw

Meriwether McCobb

Making friends since 1970

Growing up with scarce means, Meriwether “MeeMaw” McCobb made her friends out of corn husk dolls. Wishing for them to be more alive, she farmed a new set of friends… against their will. The search is on and word amongst the townspeople is, “she’s off her rocker.”

The dolls are here to play: Meet Nurse Simplicity

Nurse Simplicity

Calling the shots since 1969

This flower child was just what the doctor ordered. Nurse Simplicity could help ease your fears with her groovy style and good vibes. She knew just how to tame the monster inside you. Her evil method was simple -- temptation was the right prescription. Now, you’ll be having a good time, until you realize… she’s in control. Ya dig?

The dolls are here to play: Meet Pagliaccio


Charming crowds since 1806

Fascinated with putting on a show, Pagliaccio’s Italian charm and wide smile landed him in a mysterious circus. While he found home under the big top, his constant traveling led to many failed affairs. Alas, his humor turned to horror and now he uses his romantic charm to lure unsuspecting guests. All is not what is seems when Pagliaccio escorts you into the faded tents.

The dolls are here to play: Meet Priscilla


Keeping up appearances since 1981

Priscilla was all about glam and fashion. Always equipped with the latest tips and trends, wanting perfection for all around her, her obsession went too far. Her vanity turned to insanity. Prissy no more, now she has no problem getting her hands dirty.

The dolls are here to play: Meet Scarlett


Healer and homemaker since 1842

Tucked away in the woods, Scarlett was once known for helping others. Maddened by grief, the healer’s mysterious talents were instead used to exact a devastating revenge on those who wronged her. Terrified by her powers, townspeople retaliated and she was buried alive in her house. Using the dark arts, she gave evil a new form by transforming into a doll. When her house was later unearthed, her spirit was released.

The dolls are back and looking for new friends.
The show is just beginning.