A Williamsburg Escape Room Experience

The clock is ticking, and there’s only one way out. Do you and your friends have what it takes to solve the clues and save the day before it’s too late? Will you master No Escape and claim victory with your friends or will you be defeated?

Experience all of the fun and adventure of an “escape room” experience, with a unique Busch Gardens ® Howl-O-Scream ® twist. In this physical adventure game, you and five others are locked in a room and must use clues to solve puzzles and try to escape before time runs out. This is a scary event, so beware; other things might be lurking in the way of solving the puzzle.

Choose between two No Escape adventures:

Experience Busch Gardens® Williamsburg's first escape room: No Escape, Case of Mr. Karver

Case of Mr. Karver

Updated for 2017 with new tricks and riddles to solve.

Mr. Karver’s dolls want to play. The puppet master has created new works of art for his evil encore, and it’s up to you to stop his evil machinations from becoming reality. Searching for clues, you will try to uncover the location of his secret workshop and, if found, attempt to stop him from making any more of his monstrous dolls.

No Escape: Case of the Haunted Hotel

NEW - Case of the Haunted Hotel

Many weary travelers have sought refuge in this once-grand lodging, few have ever been seen again. Dark secrets lurk behind every door and a feeling of malevolence permeates the very air. Right this way to your room – don’t worry, we’ll take care of the luggage. Welcome to No Escape: Case of the Haunted Hotel. Keep your wits about you and unlock the mysteries of this cursed hotel or once you check in, you will never check out. We hope you enjoy your stay…permanently.

General park admission and parking are not included with No Escape. Members must present their active pass at the time of purchase to receive discount. Must be 16 years or older to participate in No Escape. Valid picture I.D. required. All park rules, regulations and ride requirements apply. No Escape reservations are subject to availability. Only six players allowed for each half-hour session and time block. Unless you book the entire room, you may be paired with other players during your session.