Demon Street

Located in France

Paris is burning. Can you escape before the city is engulfed in flame? Let the smoldering ruins light your way, but beware, fiery fiends lurk around every corner ready to put you on the coals. The smell of a burning inferno fills the air and rumor has it unsuspecting souls will be roasted on a spit. It’s about to get very hot in Paris, so stay cool or you may find yourself going up in smoke.

As the Terror-Story Goes ...

The sky glows red from the blaze that is devouring the doomed city, a beacon that can be seen from far away. Through a haze of smoke a glimpse of pointed horns, a skeletal hand, the scaled hide of a monster, or the looming specter of a shrouded figure can just barely be seen. Paris, the city of light, has become the city of flames.

Underneath the surface lies a labyrinth of skeletal remains. The unseeing eyes of statues solemnly gaze upon those who venture near the tomb’s entrance. Were there stone mouths able to speak, they would utter a grave warning: the city’s dead have arisen and walk once more amongst the living. Successfully navigate the maze-like twists and turns of the crypt to escape the ghostly clutches of those who long ago met their own frightening fate.

The pounding pulse of music lures lost souls deeper into the city, lures them to their demise. Flames burn in the pits of dark eyes that once watched and the gaping maw of a monstrous skull grins as the victims draw near. Presiding over this grim tableau is a fearsome demon weaving a dark spell into the music. Entranced by the rhythm and the haunting glow of a city ablaze, these revelers are unaware of the dangers surrounding them. The thudding beat drowns out even the sound of the crackle of the fire spreading rapidly across the area. The growling roar of chainsaws heralds the arrival of hordes of fiery fiends prowl the area picking off victims and subjecting them to nightmarish fates.

The flames rise higher and higher, soon the whole city – and anyone in it – will be consumed as Paris burns to the ground.