Wendigo Woods

Wendigo Woods™ started out as a state-of-the-art facility where researchers could study the flora and fauna of the northern reaches of the continent’s forests. The camp was named after a terrifying creature, the Wendigo, which was thought to be only a legend … until now. Sightings of mysterious creatures stalking through the woods have prompted a security team to shut down the compound and contain whatever is out there. Either unravel the mystery of Wendigo Woods or fall prey to the terror in the trees.

As the Terror-Story Goes ...

Day 13: I continue to be amazed by fantastic specimens here. This place is incredible, I could spend years out here studying the local flora and fauna. The only odd thing is, Tom’s bunk is untouched and nobody can remember seeing him for a few days,” reads a field journal lying amongst plant samples and field notes on abandoned desk in Wendigo Woods, a state-of-the-art research facility.

Named after a terrifying creature of legend, Wendigo Woods was designed to be a home base for scientists studying the plant-life of the northern reaches of the continent’s forests. One by one, researchers began disappearing into the forest never to return again.

Day 38: We’ve lost four more researchers and it’s getting harder and harder to keep the other field teams calm. They keep claiming that they see something moving amongst the trees. I’ve called and requested help several times with no response.

Now it seems the myth has come to life and is prowling the forest looking for its next victim.

Day 45: Half of the team is now unaccounted for. We’ve found drag marks leading out into the woods and scratches on the trees around the camp. How many more have to be taken before help arrives?

Rumor has it that a highly-trained security team is en route to Wendigo Woods. Their mission: track and contain the Wendigo creature before any more humans fall victim to its ravenous appetite…