Suspicion, darkness and mind-numbing fear surround the “Bitten” house which is set in Eastern Europe in the late 1800s. Full of legends and lore of vampires and the undead that preyed on the innocent, this manor sits by the road upon which all travelers must pass but few return.

The entrance to Bitten is near Das Festhaus ® and Der Autobahn in Oktoberfest. If you're looking for another haunted house nearby, Lumberhack  can be found near Das Festhaus and Oktoberfest Games.

Legends of Howl-O-Scream

From the Journal of Dr. Dhampir

The last entry ever written, on October 12th, 1888

I have made my journey to the land of legend. But, tonight, I perish. Various dead ends led me to a small village nestled at the base of these mountains. Curious looks and dead-eyed stares became heated warnings when my destination became known. “Don’t be foolish” they said. “The vampires live there – it is death that awaits you.” I thought I knew better.

How foolish I was.

I traveled up the mountains on a treacherous road. In the distance, thunder rumbled as lightning highlighted the looming manor in the dusky night. I was greeted by a misshapen servant, who showed me to my room—warning me to stay inside as he locked the door. Strange things were heard. Shrieks and screams, followed by the dragging of feet upon the floor met my ears. Voices whispered through my walls and at my door, begging me to open for them. Terrified, I could not sleep. This morning, the doors unlocked and I wandered the house. Webbed figures hung from the passageways. Dark crimson pools flowed from unseen wells. And the coffins—there were hundreds of coffins! I yearned to escape; but, for the life of me, I could not find the door to exit as each passageway led me further into a nightmare. Shortly after, I met the Baron. I spoke of the horrors I witnessed and heard the night before. Smiling, he led me back to my room. “Tonight” he said, “you shall witness it firsthand.” So, I find myself now – trapped against my will.

I will try to make my way out of this house…