It’s 1977 and a picturesque farming community is in an uproar over the ongoing disappearances of its residents. Each time someone goes missing, an intricate corn husk doll is left behind leading many to suspect local corn-farmer Jasper McCobb. The McCobb farm has fallen into disrepair since the death of Jasper’s mother. Could the missing townspeople be somewhere in the maze of maize? Join the search party and find out.

Legends of Howl-O-Scream

The McCobb Family’s Secret

The year was 1977. Twelve locals had vanished in a small town in Iowa and panic gripped the community. Each time someone disappeared, an intricate corn husk doll was found in that person’s window. Accusations pointed to the loner farmer, Jasper McCobb. Screams had been rumored coming from his decrepit property; but even more evident, Jasper’s mother, Meemaw, had been well-known for her corn husk doll creations before her sudden death a few years before. Search parties were sent into McCobb’s unkempt corn fields, but Jasper made sure that no one returned. He was determined to keep his secret from the town. Meemaw was still very much alive, and he had been capturing victims for her to test her demonic powers on.

The town gathered, determined to put an end to the abductions. Together they would charge the farm and find their missing neighbors. But when they set foot on the property, they encountered much worse than suspected. The missing townspeople were posted around the farm in all stages of transformation. Some had been tortured, waiting helplessly for Meemaw to take the last bit of life from them. And for some…well, they were completely in her control.