Explore Our Kid-Friendly Attractions

Plan your Virginia family vacation before you ever leave your home. There are fun things for kids to do throughout the year at Water Country USA ® and Busch Gardens ® Williamsburg. From conquering a kid’s first roller coaster to splashing down Malibu Pipeline ® for the first time, there’s always something worth celebrating. Visit the height check station when you first arrive at either park to know ahead of time which rides your kids can enjoy. Also, look for the KIDsiderate ® “K” icon as you explore the parks. It's there to let you know you've arrived at an attraction created specifically for our youngest guests. Of course, the kid inside you will enjoy them, too. Select the applicable height icon to find more details about each ride.

Please note that some attractions close during the colder months. Splash areas in our kid-friendly zones will be closed during fall and winter. Also, Land of the Dragons ® closes during Christmas Town  each year to make way for Santa and his little helpers at Santa’s Workshop. Water Country USA is open mid-May through early September each year. Please see park schedule for details on when the park is open for easier planning.

KIDsiderate rides at Busch Gardens® Williamsburg and Water Country USA®
Kid-friendly rides for Whirly Worms, Playful Pups, & Little Clydes Kid-friendly play areas at Water Country USA® Kid-friendly rides for Flying Dragons & Proud Eagles