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KIDsiderate rides

Plan your Virginia family vacation before you ever leave your home. There are fun things for kids to do throughout the year at Water Country USA ® and Busch Gardens ® Williamsburg. From conquering a kid’s first roller coaster to splashing down Malibu Pipeline ® for the first time, there’s always something worth celebrating. Visit the height check station when you first arrive at either park to know ahead of time which rides your kids can enjoy. Also, look for the KIDsiderate ® “K” icon as you explore the parks. It's there to let you know you've arrived at an attraction created specifically for our youngest guests. Of course, the kid inside you will enjoy them, too.

Please note that some attractions close during the colder months. Splash areas in our kid-friendly zones will be closed during fall and winter. Also, Land of the Dragons ® closes during Christmas Town  each year to make way for Santa and his little helpers at Santa’s Workshop. Water Country USA is open mid-May through early September each year. Please see park schedule for details on when the park is open for easier planning.

Kid-friendly rides at Busch Gardens

Visit the height check station in England to receive your colored wristband

Orange: Whirly Worm

Sesame Street Forest of Fun

Bert and Ernie's Loch Adventure - Child-sized flume

Elmo's Castle - Water playground and stage

Oscar's Whirly Worms - Rock-n-tug ride

Oscar's Yucky Forest - Playground

Prince Elmo's Spire - Mini "drop" tower

Land of the Dragons

Brook Play Area - Water playground

Bug-a-Dug - Ride a lady bug

Chug-a-Tug - Set sail on a kiddie boat

Eggery Deggery - Child-sized ferris wheel

Flutter Sputter - Fly on a dragon

Tree House & Climbing Nets - Interactive tree house and rope obstacle course

Around the Park

Der Autobahn Jr. - Kiddie bumper cars in Oktoberfest

Der Roto Baron - Miniature planes in Oktoberfest

Der Wirbelwindchen - Kiddie swings in Oktoberfest

Elephant Run - Child's version of Trade Wind in Festa Italia

Kinder Karussel - Antique Herschell carousel in Germany

Le Catapult - Traditional scrambler ride in New France

Li'l Clydes - Miniature Clydesdale carousel in Scotland

The Battering Ram - Over-sized gondola swing in Italy

The Little Balloons - Kiddie balloons in Italy

The Little Gliders - Kiddie gliders in Italy

Turkish Delight - Teacups in Festa Italia

Red: Playful Pup

See the rides above, PLUS:

Grover's Alpine Express - Kid's roller coaster in Sesame Street Forest of Fun

Red & White: Little Clyde

See the rides above, PLUS:

Der Wirbelwind - Regular-sized swings in Oktoberfest

Purple: Flying Dragon

  See the rides above, PLUS:

Oktoberfest Village

Curse of DarKastle - 4-D ride

Da Vinci's Cradle - Gravity-defying cradle

Der Autobahn - Bumper cars

Italy Village

Escape from Pompeii ® - Thrilling boat ride

Roman Rapids ® - White water adventure

The Flying Machine - Twisted flying ride

Gray: Brave Wolf

See the rides above, PLUS:

Le Scoot - Log flume in Festa Italia

InvadR  - Wooden roller coaster in Italy

Teal: Proud Eagle

See the rides above, PLUS:

Loch Ness Monster ® - Roller coaster in Scotland

Mäch Tower ® - Drop tower in Oktoberfest

The Trade Wind - Thrilling circular ride in Festa Italia

Verbolten ® - Multi-launch coaster in Oktoberfest

Kid-friendly rides at Water Country USA

Visit the height check station next to the Welcome Center

Kids' play areas at Water Country USA

Kids' Play Areas

Cow-A-Bunga ® - Interactive splash zone

H2O UFO ® - Water playground

Kritter Korral  - Children's play area with animal slides

Pools and rivers at Water Country USA

Pools & Rivers

Hubba Hubba Highway ® - Free-floating river adventure

Rambling River - Lazy river

Rock 'n' Roll Island - Slides, activity pool and more

Surfer's Bay - Wave pool

Kids Under 42" (with supervising companion and life vest)

KIDsiderate rides for kids under 42"

Aquazoid ® - Enclosed flume

Big Daddy Falls ® - River-rafting adventure

Malibu Pipeline ® - Two slides

Meltdown ® - High-speed surf-boggan

Wild Thang - Open flume ride

KIDsiderate rides for kids taller than 42"

Kids 42" & Up

Jet Scream  - Four different flumes

Nitro Racer ® - Six lane high-speed slide

KIDsiderate rides for kids taller than 48"

Kids 48" & Up

Colossal Curl  - Mega slide

Rampage™ - Ride-on toboggan slide

Jammin' Jukebox - Enclosed tube slides

Vanish Point ® - Drop slide