Summer Activities for Kids at Water Country USA

Water Country USA® offers KIDsiderate® (our word for kid-friendly) fun for ages nine and younger that the whole family can enjoy. From the three kid splash areas to water slides that you can ride together, there is something thrilling for every group. Whether you like to slide and glide in an inner tube or bounce and splash in Kritter Korral™, you’ll be sure to have fun in the sun. Grab a life vest, pick out your favorite lounger, and let the kids enjoy their day at Virginia’s largest water park.

Cool down in the pool at<br />Rock 'n' Roll Island at Water Country USA

Cool Down in the Pool at
Rock ‘n’ Roll Island

When you aren’t splashing in the kid play areas, pop over to Rock ‘n’ Roll Island to grab a lounge chair, let your kids play in the pool, or take a ride on our kid-sized slides. This is the only area in the park with a traditional-sized pool with lifeguards.

Relax in the shade near Hubba Hubba Highway®

Relax in the Shade Near
Hubba Hubba Highway®

There are many shaded areas to lounge in throughout the day, but if your kids are older and you’re looking for a nice, secluded location then check out the covered loungers by the fast-moving river, Hubba Hubba Highway®.

Try the open-flume slides at Water Country USA

Try the Open-Flume Slides

All rides have a height requirement, but did you know that some rides allow those not quite tall enough to ride with a supervising companion (life vest also suggested)? Ask a Team Member about the ride experience, but give it a whirl if your child is ready to ride.

Splash around in our KIDsiderate play areas

Splash Around in Our KIDsiderate Play Areas

We have not one, not two, but three splash areas designed specifically for kids ages nine and younger. There are baby-changing stations, lounge chairs, and lifeguards at each location for more fun in the sun.

Avoid the hills with strollers at Water Country USA

Avoid the hills with strollers

Planning to get a locker to keep your stuff dry while at the park? Head to the Jet Scream and Hot Spot Café intersection to get a locker there instead of the main village. You will avoid walking up and down the hill with little ones and/or strollers throughout the day with this convenient location.

Grab a life vest at Water Country USA

Grab a life vest on us

We offer free life vests to use while you are visiting Water Country USA. No need to carry one around from each play area, unless you’d prefer to bring your own USCG-approved personal life vest or puddle jumper. Life vests are located throughout the park.

Stop by on the Way Out

Stop by Dippin’ Dots
on the Way Out

There is no better way to end a fun day in the sun than with something sweet. Stop by our candy shop on the way out or the Dippin’ Dots stand after you exit.


Bonus Tip: The shallow-end of the wave pool is ideal for little ones to splash around in when the waves are turned off.