All For One - New Action-Adventure Show at Busch Gardens

All For One at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Action and adventure abound in this swashbuckling spectacular where friendship, loyalty, and physical feats of bravery define a true hero. It’s All For One™, and one for all this summer as the Musketeers arrive at Busch Gardens' open-air Royal Palace Theatre. The night sky provides the perfect backdrop for this daring new evening show. In this adaptation of the classic French tale, join the Musketeers in a thrilling, courageous and daring tour de force performance featuring duels, damsels and a quest to save the Queen. From the shipyard docks to the Royal Palace court, escape into adventure with All For One™.

This action-packed show will add thrilling entertainment to your evening at Busch Gardens® this summer, but have you ever wondered what goes into creating such a production? From finding talent across the country to recording music in one of the most influential musical cities in the world, we want to share the process behind bringing All For One™ to life with you. Check back often for more behind the scenes updates before the premiere of this exciting new show coming to Busch Gardens.

All For One™ Overview Video

See the all-new, action-packed show All For One™ nightly at Busch Gardens’ Royal Palace Theatre. A different take on the familiar story of the Three Musketeers will have you in awe during this courageous and daring tour de force. It’s All For One and one for all.

Behind the Scenes of All For One™: Story & Characters

Take a peek behind the scenes of the all-new, action-adventure show All For One™ at Busch Gardens. Meet the performers and hear from the show’s Director about how the story of the Three Musketeers was adapted in this courageous tour de force.

Behind the Scenes of All For One™: Stunts

Check out behind-the-scenes footage of fight scenes coming together in All For One™. Learn the basics of fight choreography and explore fight call, a nightly rehearsal exercise. See the musketeers in action as they perform this summer.

Behind the Scenes of All For One™: Special Effects

Dustin McGee, from Busch Gardens’ Entertainment Department, gives us an up-close view of the pyrotechnics and special effects featured in
All For One™.

Behind the Scenes: Costume Design

A peek at the costumes designs for All For One

Shown above are some the sketches used in shaping the All For One™ characters’ wardrobe.

The All For One™ costume designs marry the traditional look of the time period with a modern sensibility. Designed by the talented Nicole Wee, the costumes in All For One™ had to be beautiful, practical, and able to withstand the daily action of the performers while staying true to the period of the world that the costumes exist in. With that in mind, the team set out to create pieces that speak to the individuality of each character and function as a complete story within our tale. Taking into consideration the Virginia weather, action on stage, period looks, breathability and movement, and beautiful looks that would pop off of the set, the All For One™ costumes are truly exciting. Currently under construction, the costumes debut on July 1.

Phil Raybourn
Busch Gardens® Williamsburg Entertainment Department

Behind the Scenes: Stage Construction Timelapse

En Guarde! All For One™ stage preparations are almost complete and rehearsals are underway. Take a look at how the Royal Palace Theatre stage has transformed over the past 3 months. We’ve created a setting unlike any other in the park for the Musketeers to battle for the Queen’s jewels. Don’t miss the new action-adventure show premiering July 1.

All For One™ stage construction timelapse photos

Behind the Scenes: Audition Footage from Los Angeles

Entertainment Manager Phil is on the road holding auditions for the park's exciting new show, All for One™. Take a peek at some of the behind-the-scenes action...literally.

Behind the Scenes: Recording the Music in Nashville

Our Entertainment team takes us behind the scenes in Nashville where they just recorded the music for Busch Gardens® Williamsburg’s new show, All For One™.

Behind the Scenes: Stunt Rehearsal

We recently dropped in on the first week of stunt rehearsals for All For One™, the new action show at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Enjoy this rehearsal sneak peek and come see the show nightly starting July 1.