Fun By Season

The weather in Williamsburg is ideal for a family theme park vacation any time of year. In fact, it’s what makes our Virginia parks so unique, as we are fortunate to experience all four seasons of a year.

Things to do in the spring


The trees are green, the flowers are vibrant and fragrant and the cool breeze perfectly contrasts the bright sun, making the World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park even more picturesque.

Things to do in the summer


It’s exactly the temperature perfect for lounging by the wave pool at Water Country USA ® then cooling down on one of our world-class rides and slides.

Things to do in the fall


When the leaves start falling in autumn, the weather is perfect for snuggling up in a comfy sweater as you hold on tight to your friends in one of our haunted houses.

Things to do in the winter


The spirit of Christmas comes alive after Thanksgiving as the park transforms once again to a magical place filled with lights, warm treats, heart-warming shows and iconic Christmas characters.