World-Class Coasters

World-class roller coasters, rides and attractions at Busch Gardens® Williamsburg

Busch Gardens ® in Williamsburg, Virginia is iconic for its unique collection of world-class roller coasters, rides and attractions. We believe theme parks should be thrilling, so we are consistently expanding our portfolio of attractions to give guests well-rounded experiences complete with free-fall drops, breath-taking speeds, and gravity-defying turns that prove that there is only thing better than holding on…and that is letting go.

Alpengeist® at Busch Gardens® Williamsburg

Alpengeist ®

Six staggering inversions

One of the tallest, fastest, most insane inverted roller coasters in the world. Before you can think twice, the floor drops beneath your feet. After climbing to 195 feet, you’ll flip six times and reach speeds up to 67 mph.

Riders must be 54" or taller.

Apollo's Chariot®

Apollo’s Chariot ®

Eight airtime hills

Consistently ranked as one of the top 10 steel coasters in the world by Theme Park Insider, this award-winning hyper coaster reaches speeds of 73 mph featuring floating airtime and an initial drop of more than 210 feet.

Riders must be 52" or taller.


Griffon ®

75 mph free fall

Check out the view from the top of this floorless dive coaster featuring a 205-foot drop, 90 degrees straight down at 75 mph.

Riders must be 54" or taller.

Grovers Alpine Express

Grover's Alpine Express

Family-friendly coaster

Perfect for little riders who are ready for their first roller coaster experience. Located in the Sesame Street ® Forest of Fun  kids’ play area, this KIDsiderate ® coaster invites children 38" and taller to ride with a supervising companion (14 years & older). Children 41" and taller may ride alone.

Loch Ness Monster® at Busch Gardens® Williamsburg

Loch Ness Monster ®

The only coaster with two interlocking loops

This interlocking, double-looping coaster takes you 13 stories up before racing you down a 114-foot drop at 60 mph. This classic coaster is a registered landmark with the American Coaster Enthusiasts organization.

Riders must be 48" or taller.

Tempesto® at Busch Gardens® Williamsburg

Tempesto ®

High-speed inversions

Race into unbelievably tight turns at 63 mph and defy gravity as you roll through a complete inversion 154 feet in the air. Launch three times and experience the signature loop-the-loop.

Riders must be 54" or taller.

Verbolten® at Busch Gardens® Williamsburg

Verbolten ®

Multi-launch coaster

This multi-launch, indoor/outdoor roller coaster ends with an 88-foot drop toward the park’s Rhine River. Surprise! It also features a one-of-a-kind free-fall drop.

Riders must be 48" or taller.

InvadR™ invades Busch Gardens® Williamsburg in 2017


Busch Gardens Williamsburg's first wooden coaster

Now open, this hybrid wooden coaster features an 74-foot drop, nine airtime hills and reaches speeds of 48 mph.


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