Shamu's Happy Harbor®

Shamu’s Happy Harbor is just the sort of place that proves there’s never been a cooler time to be a kid. Bring out the young adventurer in your kids with these fun, family rides.

Guests between 42 inches and 48 inches tall must be accompanied by a supervising companion (14 years of age or older).

The following rides are in Shamu's Happy Harbor:

Jazzy Jellies : This jellyfish-themed ride will tickle your silly bone once you realize you’re in control of how fast your teacup-style car can spin as you rise to heights of 30 feet.

Net Climb : It's a fact; kids love to climb. These four-story nets link together through a series of winding tunnels and slippery slides—all big enough for parents to enjoy, too.

Ocean Commotion : Feel the gentle rocking of the high seas aboard this 19-foot tug boat as it rocks back-and-forth and whirls side-to-side.

Sea Carousel : Adding a classical element to Shamu's Happy Harbor, a marine-themed masterpiece topped by a behemoth 45-foot-wide pink octopus.

Shamu Express®: Shamu shows a soft spot for kids on this just-thrilling-enough first coaster.

Swishy Fishies : This mild teacup ride lets the younger adventurers experience the fun of spinning around a giant waterspout without ever leaving the ground.

The Flying Fiddler: This ginormous fiddler crab with its illuminated eyes gobbles up 12 kids and adults and lifts them more than 20 feet in the air before hopping down through a quick series of short drops.

Park Location: Behind Shamu Stadium

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