Pacific Point Preserve®

Sea lion? Seal? What’s the difference? Here’s a clue: if you’re all ears, you’ll get the answer! Have fun getting to know these California comedians with a visit to Pacific Point. You can even get a chance to feed these famously fun animals.

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Park Location: Behind Sea Lion and Otter Theater next to Kraken

Here you can enjoy feeding these comedians at specified times each day for an additional fee. Check your park map for feeding times.

For a sea lion, Cha Cha’s a real ham. She originally took her moves from her mom, Coffee, but has been creating her own distinctive repertoire.

Like her “Game Face,” a smile that looks like a funny snarl. And her signature move, “The Noisy Smile” which is her “Game Face” with accompanying vocal.

Lately Cha Cha’s been touching her front and rear flippers at the same time while doing the “Noisy Smile” underwater. Now that’s talent!