Animal Shelter Support

SeaWorld® and Busch Gardens® have long supported local animal shelters by helping to spread awareness for their cause, providing homes for animals in need, and providing financial and in-kind support. 

Happy Tails™ is an animal adoption program that provides participating shelter adopters two free single-day admissions to a SeaWorld park or Busch Gardens when they adopt a dog or cat. It’s our way to say “thank you” for helping animals in need. 

This offer is good for a limited time, and tickets are valid for a single-day admission to the park any time within one year of purchase. Tickets will be printed onsite at participating shelters.

Certain restrictions apply.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens have provided homes and a second chance at life for hundreds of abandoned and neglected animals. Considered by many to be untrainable, these adopted animals now steal the stage—and fans’ hearts—as stars in the parks’ popular shows Pets Ahoy® in Orlando, Pets Rule® in San Diego and San Antonio, Opening Night Critters™ in Tampa, and More...Pet Shenanigans® in Williamsburg.

If you participated in Happy Tails and would like us to share your story please email us at


I recently adopted two puppies, Oreo, and Maui. It was a real surprise when I adopted my puppies that I was receiving SeaWorld tickets too. I really appreciate what SeaWorld is doing for the local shelters, and just to let you know my pups Oreo and Maui are like my children, with enough personality to be little kids. They definitely received a good home and I hope your program does the same for so many other homeless animals. Keep up the great work and great park, thank you. 
- Chris


Before I adopted Emmi, I had just lost my cat of 15 years in April and I was absolutely heart broken. After a couple months of looking for a new companion I came across the local ASPCA shelter and went in with an open mind. I first met her on June 31st and fell in love with her instantly. Since then we have grown inseparable! She goes everywhere with me and everyone that meets her falls in love with her too. She's definitely a ham for the camera. 
- Kayleigh 


Thank you so much for the tickets to SeaWorld. It was really a wonderful, unexpected bonus for our recent pet adoption and our family thoroughly enjoyed the day we were able to spend at SeaWorld! We rescued a 2 month old kitten from the San Antonio Humane Society in July. He has brought a lot of joy to our home - bringing lots of laughter and playful times to my 2 young children and even to our 3 year old lab retriever (who was also adopted from the San Antonio Humane Society last year). Our dog, Maggie, has got along so great with our new kitten, which my 4 year old daughter fondly named, Alley. They won't stop playing together! Thanks again for supporting such a great cause like pet adoption from local shelters. We are so thankful to have no-kill shelters locally and to have our 2 rescued furbabies.
- Cynthia


We continue to be impressed with the community connectivity that SeaWorld has shown consistently over the years. Your delightful involvement with the animal shelters ( we were very pleased to receive the thank you passes) and your animal rescue efforts make the Orlando area a better place. Thank you! 
- Fran


My husband and myself recent adopted a 9 month old golden/ lab mix (I think!). We are in love! She stole our hearts the minute we saw her. Isn't it funny how that works? You just know as you're walking along the rows of little faces, and then your eyes meet, and you just know they're the one. We are so grateful for the service that the SPCA provides. We would never consider bringing anything other than a shelter pet home.
-Kathy and Randy


I adopted Lena in July from the shelter after seeing her online the night before. My dad is legally blind and is often depressed. Since adopting Lena, he has a whole new attitude :) He adores her, and he is a lot more out going. They were meant for each other! She is feisty but at the same time very loving and cuddly. I am so glad, as his daughter I was able to give him the best birthday present for his 62nd birthday! Thank you!
- Ebony