SeaWorld Entertainment’s 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report


SeaWorld Entertainment’s inaugural report describes how the company is building a purpose-driven company that creates experiences that matter and inspires people
to protect animals and the wild wonders of the world. The report showcases the actions SeaWorld is taking to ensure the health and well-being of the animals in its care, rescue and protect animals in the wild, minimize the environmental impact of its operations and create a strong culture where its employees are engaged and connected to the company’s mission.

“People want to know that their hard-earned dollars are supporting companies and causes they believe in,” said SeaWorld Entertainment President and CEO, Joel Manby. “We are demonstrating that our parks can be fun and thrilling while also being educational and inspirational. When our guests visit one of our parks, we want them to know they are helping support the rescue of thousands of animals every year, as well as ongoing research and conservation efforts around the world.”

View the 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report by clicking here.