"Voices of SeaWorld" Series

In this new “Voices of SeaWorld” series, hear directly from experts whose work and passion illustrates SeaWorld®’s commitment to animal welfare. More than 60 zoological professionals across the U.S. – trainers, keepers, veterinarians, scientists, rescue experts, conservationists and educators – were interviewed. 

In this first episode, our team discusses “The Mission of SeaWorld.”  

In this episode we dive into animal care and welfare. Hear directly from veterinarians, trainers and keepers how they care for these animals, keep them healthy, and even train the animals to participate in their own check-ups.   

In this episode we jump into action with the SeaWorld Rescue team and partner organizations as they share details of their life calling, including often dropping everything on a moment’s notice to help injured, sick and orphaned wild animals. 

In this episode SeaWorld animal experts and scientists share some of the fascinating research projects going on in the parks that play a huge role in helping to save wildlife and wild places. From the development of thriving marine mammal breeding programs to the on-the-ground support of research projects around the world, see how research makes up a key component of SeaWorld’s larger commitment to conservation and animal welfare.