SeaWorld Launches National Television Advertising Campaign


SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. today launched a national television and online advertising campaign that reinforces the truth about the company’s commitment to its killer whales. The ad, which features members of the company’s zoological team, begins airing today on network and cable programming and online.

The ad is scheduled to run in concert with the company’s recently announced “Meet the Animals” national brand advertising campaign.

“The men and women who care for the animals living in our parks are our most passionate advocates,” said Jill Kermes, Senior Corporate Affairs Officer for SeaWorld Entertainment. “There is no better way to convey the depth of our commitment to these animals and the sophistication of our care than to hear the facts from our veterinarians, trainers, keepers, animal rescue experts, and curators.”

The ad features Dr. Lara Croft, a veterinarian at SeaWorld Orlando, and Pedro Ramos-Navarrete, a senior member of the park’s animal rescue team.  Croft and Ramos-Navarrete address many of the common misperceptions about SeaWorld’s whales, including how long they live and where they come from.  Croft says, “With the highest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy and thriving…I wouldn’t work here if they weren’t.”

The ad emphasizes that for SeaWorld team members killer whale care is an emotional and personal issue.  “We love these animals and do everything in our power to assure that they’re happy and healthy,” said Kermes.

The ad is part of SeaWorld Entertainment’s recently launched national reputation campaign, which also includes print and online advertising, online video, and social media.  The centerpiece of the campaign is a website at that answers many of the questions posed to SeaWorld about how the company cares for, displays and educates the public about its animals.  Questions also are answered on SeaWorld’s YouTube channel, and  Questions come primarily from Twitter and Facebook.

The campaign is part of SeaWorld’s response to animal extremist organizations like PETA, groups that have long targeted SeaWorld and other institutions as part of a larger agenda to close zoos and aquariums.  In the past two years, PETA has issued more than 110 press releases about SeaWorld, filled with inaccuracies about the company’s animal care. This campaign sets the record straight and ensures that the public has access to the facts about the company.

“So far we’ve replied to more than 300 great questions from people who are truly interested in a dialogue,” said Kermes.  “And, despite efforts by PETA and others to disrupt the process, engaging in this kind of real conversation with people who have legitimate questions about what we do has been gratifying and very well received.”

While the new advertising launched today focuses on SeaWorld’s ongoing commitment to killer whales, the Ask SeaWorld campaign is an opportunity for the public to ask questions about all of the animals cared for in SeaWorld parks.  Further, people can learn about how SeaWorld is helping care for and conserve marine animals through its research programs and animal rescue efforts.

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