SeaWorld Kids Makes A Splash with Launch of Mobile Games Collection


Orlando, Fla. (September 25, 2014) -- Get ready to plunge into fun, as SeaWorld® launches a collection of three mobile games designed to engage the imaginations of preschool and elementary aged children 

“Turtle Trek™” [Games - $2.99]

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“Underwater ABCs™” [Games - $2.99]

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“Stay on the Ice™” [Games - $.99]

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These apps are the latest mobile offerings from SeaWorld Kids, where imagination meets nature, and have been designed to continue the fun of learning about nature and conservation into the school year and beyond.

As an extension of the company’s in-park mission, SeaWorld Kids and the new app collection are aimed at educating users about animals and their habitats, while empowering and engaging the user to do their part to help wildlife and nature. Little actions add up, and the SeaWorld Kids apps reinforce that we all can make a difference. Not to mention, these games are seriously fun.

Launching on September 25th, the collection includes:

“Turtle Trek”:

Explore the ocean in an underwater adventure in “Turtle Trek.” This engaging and educational mobile game teaches children all about nature and fascinating sea creatures. Kids can help a friendly baby turtle navigate through the deep blue sea, while collecting coins and avoiding danger. Players make new friends along their journey and learn all about the animals that share the ocean with sea turtles. “Turtle Trek” is recommended for children age 4 and older.

“Underwater ABCs”:

Learning the alphabet is fun with “Underwater ABCs”. Preschool kids learn the alphabet and basic writing skills by tracing a pathway of illuminated stars that make up all the letters from A-to-Z. Once a child successfully traces a letter, a playful sea creature whose name begins with the same letter will be revealed right under his or her finger. Learn interesting things about the animals that live in the ocean as parent and child experience preschool learning in a fun new way. 

“Stay on the Ice”:

“Stay on the Ice” challenges players to help adorable penguins keep their balance. Quick reactions are needed to keep the penguins from slipping and sliding right off the iceberg. The trick is super-fast tapping. Don’t let the penguins hit the chilling water. As they get near the edge of the ice, quickly tap your finger to turn those playful friends around and back to safety. This addictively fun game by SeaWorld Kids will be a hit with the whole family. 

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About SeaWorld Kids

SeaWorld® Kids features entertainment and lifestyle content and products that connect children ages 12 and younger with the joy and wonder of animals and the natural world. Joining inspiration and innovation, this initiative brings kids up close to nature in fun new ways, allowing them to connect with the world we share at home, play, school and on-the-go. SeaWorld Kids represents both original and library-driven content programming in animation, TV, film, gaming, publishing, music and more.

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