Midnight Rescue | Winter 2011


Rescued Turtles Find Warmth at SeaWorld

This winter, harsh weather is taking a toll on endangered sea turtles off the coast of Florida and New England. Over the last two months, SeaWorld® Orlando’s Rescue Team has been working tirelessly to care for 55 cold-stunned sea turtles that were rescued from the frigid waters. Read more.


SeaWorld Comes to Aid of Baby Sperm Whale

The SeaWorld  Rescue Team is on call 24 hours a day. At midnight on December 13, they rescued a baby sperm whale after it had stranded near San Diego. Fighting the pounding surf and darkness, the team was able to guide the young whale into open water about a quarter mile off the coast, where it quickly swam into the ocean. Read more.


Busch Gardens® Works to Conserve Wildlife for Future Generations

A recent birthday signified a great step in Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s work to preserve endangered western lowland gorillas. Bolingo, the first gorilla born at Busch Gardens, turned five. Bolingo is part of a Species Survival Plan, a program between Busch Gardens and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to conserve threatened or endangered species. Read more.


SeaWorld Brings Rescue Message to Schools

The SeaWorld Rescue Team and their animal friends are teaching students across the U.S. how they can help wildlife. Teams from SeaWorld OrlandoSan Diego, and San Antonio are visiting schools in 13 cities this spring, teaching kids the importance, and impact, of everyday actions such as conserving water, picking up litter, properly disposing of fishing line, and participating in local beach cleanups. Read more.


Busch Gardens Williamsburg Helps to Conserve Wolves

At Busch Gardens Williamsburg, endangered gray wolves serve as conservation ambassadors, and guests and employees join forces to preserve this amazing species. The park donates a portion of every “Wolf Training Spotlight Tour” to the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, which supports wolf conservation. In addition, employees have raised thousands of dollars through the “Spare Wolves” bowling fundraiser. Read more.


Sesame Place® Spreads Cheer at Children's Hospital

To lift the spirits of hospital patients, Cookie Monster and his Sesame Place pals recently visited the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The characters put on a show in the hospital’s main lobby for patients, siblings and parents to enjoy. The visit was in partnership with The Joshua Kahan Fund. Read more.