Babies, Bowling, and Building a Shelter | Winter 2012


"Bracing" for a Successful Recovery

SeaWorld® Orlando’s animal experts devised a custom orthopedic brace to help rehabilitate a rescued pilot whale with scoliosis, a debilitating curvature of the spine. This is the first time such a device has been used on a large whale. Animal care specialists and veterinarians hope the brace will help straighten the whale’s spine and tail. The goal is to help the animal to regain use of its tail and allow it to swim normally. The animal care team worked with Orlando-based Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic to develop the device. Read more.


What's Black and White and Cute All Over?

It’s a baby boom at Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay. This baby Grant’s zebra joins a Cape buffalo, and Sable antelope as new additions to the park. All three animals were born within weeks of each other. Busch Gardens administers one of the world’s most successful zoological breeding programs. The information gained from these births adds to the scientific understanding of animal biology and reproductive physiology. Read more.


Bowling for Wolves

Strike! Hundreds of animal lovers laced up their bowling shoes during Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s “Spare Wolves Bowling Fundraiser.” This is the second year of the event which has collected more than $6,000 to support wolf conservation projects through the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund. Spare Wolves occurs annually during National Wolf Awareness Week. Read more.


Building a Shelter for Pets of Abuse Survivors

An estimated 88 percent of pets living in households with domestic abuse are either abused or killed. Additionally, concern over leaving a pet behind can cause victims to remain in abusive relationships. To help provide a safe haven for these companion pets, SeaWorld donated $20,000 to the Harbor House of Central Florida towards the construction of their new Paws for Peace kennel. Read more.


Partnering to Make Children Smile

For 30 years Sesame Place® has teamed with Variety--The Children’s Charity to bring smiles to children with physical and developmental disabilities and their families. Since 1981 the park has hosted more than 200,000 Variety children in special events at the park. Whether it’s by serving gluten-free foods or having disability-related organizations with information on-site, these events cater to the special needs of these guests and also provide their families a valuable resource. Read more.


What's a Boa Constrictor Doing at SeaWorld?

More than the 130 species of fish and wildlife that call Florida home are unwelcome guests. Released by pet owners, these exotic nonnative animals, such as boa constrictors and ball pythons, can have detrimental effects on Florida’s ecosystem as they compete with native species for food and habitat. SeaWorld Orlando, with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, hosted an Exotic Pet Amnesty Day in which owners turned in more than 60 nonnative animals including large snakes, reptiles, small fish and mammals. Read more.