Baby Whale & Rescue Tails| December 2014



Killer Whale Born at SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld® San Diego has a new addition: a killer whale calf born December 2. The calf is bonding with its mother, Kalia, and grandmother, Kasatka. The first days for any newborn are critical and trainers continue to keep a close watch. Click here to watch the birth. Learn More



Blue World Project

First-of-its-kind killer whale environments are coming to all three SeaWorld® parks to transform how visitors experience killer whales. These environments will also provide unprecedented access for zoological professionals and scientists to study and care for these incredible animals. As part of the project, SeaWorld is pledging $10 million help study and protect killer whales in the wild.  Learn More



SeaWorld Surpasses 1,000 Rescues in 2014

Recently, the SeaWorld® rescue teams passed a milestone, which shows why animals need our help now more than ever.  SeaWorld parks have rescued more than 1,000 wild animals this year alone, bringing the total number of animals we’ve helped over the years to 24,000. Learn More