Special Earth Day Edition | 2011


An Earth Day Message from Jim Atchinson, President of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment™

Our parks celebrate Earth Day every day. SeaWorld® and Busch Gardens® care for more than 60,000 animals, including 200 endangered and threatened species. At the heart of our commitment to these animals is a passion for celebrating and strengthening the human/animal connection. You will see this passion in the stories below, from a new Shamu show that inspires conservation to kids creating eco-projects. This Earth Day, I hope you find your own passion and make a difference in preserving the world we share. Read more.


SeaWorld Orlando Celebrates Earth Day with New Shamu Show

One Ocean,” an all-new Shamu show, debuts today at SeaWorld Orlando. The show connects guests to the sea and killer whales with a new level of energy and excitement while it educates and inspires. The message of caring and respect for the world we share is woven throughout the show–encouraging guests to make a difference through their own everyday actions. ”One Ocean” will debut at SeaWorld San Diego in May and SeaWorld San Antonio in June. Read more.


Enviro-Students Come to the Earth's Aid

From creating fundraisers to help endangered turtles to designing a “green” river barge, kids across the U.S. are coming up with creative ways to conserve. April 28-29 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is honoring eight groups with a SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Environmental Excellence Award. Each winning group receives $10,000 to fund their efforts. Since 1993 the company has awarded $1.8 million to nearly 160 schools. Read more.


Penguins in Crisis

Of the world's 17 penguin species, 12 are rapidly declining due to changing weather patterns, overfishing, pollution, and other factors. The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund is playing a significant role in helping preserve these species, from supporting a massive rescue effort in Brazil to hand-raising hundreds of abandoned African penguin chicks. Read more.


Earth Day Events and Activities

Cleaning coast lines, restoring oyster reefs, teaching green tips at environmental events, and hosting interactive educational experiences at the parks are just a few ways SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks across the U.S. are getting involved this Earth Day. Click here for a full schedule of events.


Small Otter, Big Appetite

Recently, a rescued California sea otter pup joined the SeaWorld San Diego family. The 2-month-old was found abandoned on a beach, lethargic and suffering from parasites. She is now being cared for at the park’s otter nursery. The best indicator of her recovery: She now eats a whopping six to seven pounds of shrimp, crab, and clams every day, more than a third of her body weight. Read more.


The Price of Beauty

In the ocean, coral reefs provide safe havens for many species of beautiful exotic fish. But sometimes this beauty can lead to an ugly consequence. Many of the colorful inhabitants are collected for home aquariums and displays in ways that are not environmentally friendly. SeaWorld’s Rising Tide Conservation is funding marine fish breeding research that will provide a sustainable tropical fish population and decrease the dependency on coral reef collections. Read more. 


Big Cats in Big Trouble

The big cats of the world are disappearing. It is estimated there are only 20,000 to 40,000 lions left in Africa. The lion population has declined by 30 to 50 percent in just two decades, largely due to habitat loss and conflict with humans. SeaWorld and Busch Gardens are supporting conservation organizations around the world to save these and other fantastic felines. Read more.