Wolves, Whales, and Happy Tails | Fall 2011


Giving New Life to Rescued Whales and Dolphins

SeaWorld® Orlando is giving rescued whales and dolphins a new chance. The park has added a new rehabilitation pool to care for these animals. SeaWorld’s experts now are able to provide on-site resources to rescued whales and dolphins, including 24-hour-hour critical care and extensive physical therapy. The pool’s first resident was a rescued pilot whale that was part of a mass stranding in Key Largo, Fla. Read more.


Kids Grow Veggies for a Good Cause

Sesame Place® is “peppered” with different types of fruits and vegetables that were planted by scouts and students. The green-thumbed kids are part of the park’s “CSI: Club of Science Investigators” education program which teaches kids gardening techniques. When the tomatoes, herbs, strawberries, squash, watermelons, peaches, and peppers are ready for harvest, bushels of them are sent to local homeless shelters. Read more.


Happy Milestone for "SeaWorld's Happy Tails"

SeaWorld’s Happy Tails” recently reached a happy milestone: more than 10,000 dogs and cats from local shelters have been adopted through the program. “Happy Tails” thanks pet lovers in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio with two free single-day admissions when they adopt a dog or cat from participating shelters.Click here for photos of adopted animals and to read how they are making a difference in their new families’ lives. Read more.


Wolves on the Web

Wolves are often misunderstood. Busch Gardens® Williamsburg’s gray wolf experts are working to change fear to admiration. While the park’s gray wolves serve as animal ambassadors to millions of guests each year, their trainers use social media to serve as the wolves’ voice, spreading conservation news around the world. Read more.


Trash Free Seas

Trash is a constant threat to marine wildlife. SeaWorld’s Rescue Team assists manatees, sea lions, seals and sea turtles that have become entangled in discarded fishing line or sick from ingesting man-made objects. Volunteers from SeaWorld participated in beach cleanups during the recent International Coastal Cleanup. Click here for stories of animals impacted by marine trash, and other rescued animals. Read more.


Bringing Birds Back from the Brink

Atlantic sea birds are in trouble. SeaWorld San Antonio bird expert Linda Weisenmeiller spent time in Maine working to help restore the Atlantic puffin. For 11 days, Linda spent hours “grubbing” or searching deep inside rocky burrows to observe, record, study and band puffins and other Atlantic sea birds. “Project Puffin” is one of the many wildlife conservation projects supported by the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation FundRead more.