Rescue Babies | Summer 2012


Lone Wolf No More

An orphaned gray wolf pup found wandering along the side of a road in central Idaho now has a new home at Busch Gardens® Williamsburg. Nicknamed “Boise,” the wolf was found in May by a group of campers who thought he was a lost domestic puppy. Idaho wildlife officials used DNA testing to confirm that he is a wolf. After unsuccessful attempts to locate the pup’s pack, the officials chose Busch Gardens as Boise’s new home due to the park’s expertise in caring for wolves. Read more.


Separated at Birth

Beach lifeguards near San Diego called in SeaWorld’s® Animal Rescue Team to save two normally strong swimmers: a pair of sea lion pups. Estimated to be less than one week old, the pups still had their umbilical cords attached when they were found stranded on the beach. The pair is not related. They will be bottle-fed for the next several months by the park’s animal care team. Read more.


Paper or Plastic?

Soon there will be just one choice – paper – throughout the 10 parks of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. The parks are in the process of eliminating plastic bags within the next year, becoming the largest theme park operator to make this commitment. Both SeaWorld parks in San Diego and Orlando are already paperless. This move will keep an estimated 4 million plastic bags from entering landfills and the environment each year. Wildlife such as endangered sea turtles often mistake plastic bags for their favorite foods such as jellyfish. Read more.


Rescue Surprise

A pregnant manatee rescued by SeaWorld in June has given birth to a healthy calf. After her rescue, park veterinarians discovered she was pregnant while performing a sonogram on the 1,400-pound animal. She was being treated for injuries sustained to her flippers from a crab pot line entanglement. Mom and baby are doing well and the goal is to return the pair to Florida waters soon. Read more.


Congratulations it's Twins!

Busch Gardens Tampa recently witnessed an uncommon event: the birth of mongoose lemur twins. 

There are only four verified instances of mongoose lemur twins born in a zoological setting. Mongoose lemurs are classified as a "vulnerable" species and are part of the Species Survival Plan program. The SSP helps manage breeding programs for threatened or endangered species in accredited institutions, including Busch GardensRead more.


"Happy Tails" Wags its Way into Busch Gardens

Our company has a long history of helping homeless animals at local shelters. The popular SeaWorld program, “Happy Tails” has given more than 22,000 “thank you” park tickets to adopters who provided a loving home for a dog or cat from a participating shelter. Due to the overwhelming success of this program, the company has now expanded it to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Va. Read more.