SeaWorld San Antonio and Aquatica San Antonio

SeaWorld® San Antonio is one of the world's largest marine life parks and spans 416 acres. SeaWorld offers an exciting and educational blend of extraordinary marine-life shows, rides, and attractions, as well as up-close animal encounters and behind-the-scenes tours. Guests can experience the One Ocean® show featuring Shamu®, or the thrill of The Great White® and Steel Eel® roller coasters. At Azul®, guests experience marine life, birds and human performers in harmony during a celebration of sea and sky.  For up-close animal encounters, the park offers a variety of programs with beluga whales, sea lions, penguins and more.

San Antonio visitors can complete their vacation experience by visiting Aquatica SeaWorld’s Waterpark™, a whimsical waterpark with up-close animal experiences, high-speed thrills and relaxing, sandy beaches. Aquatica is a South-Seas-inspired oasis with all the luxury and amenities of an island resort, and also includes features such as thrilling water slides, rivers, lagoons, more than 42,000 square feet of beach area, and more than 500 stingrays and tropical fish. In the waterpark’s signature attraction, Stingray Falls®, guests ride a four-person raft down twists and turns to an underwater grotto where they can view stingrays and tropical fish.

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Location: 10500 SeaWorld Drive, San Antonio, TX 78251 

Contact: 210-520-4732