World-Class Coasters

Immelman’s.  Corkscrews. Free fall drops. At Busch Gardens, we love to take your breath away.

We believe theme parks should be thrilling, so we have a great collection of roller coasters that prove the only thing better than hanging on … is letting go.

  • Alpengeist®:  After climbing to 195 feet, you’ll flip six times and reach speeds up to 67 mph.
  • Apollo’s Chariot®:  Featuring an initial drop of more than 210 feet, this award-winning hypercoaster reaches speeds of 73 mph and gives you plenty of air time.
  • Griffon®:  Ready to drop?  You will be once you board this floorless dive coaster that features a 205 ft. drop, 90 degrees straight down.
  • Loch Ness Monster®:  This interlocking, double-looping coaster takes you 13 stories up before racing you down a 114-foot drop at 60 mph. This classic coaster is a registered landmark with the American Coaster Enthusiasts organization.
  • Tempesto®: Guests daring enough to take on Tempesto will race into unbelievably tight turns at 63 miles per hour and defy gravity as they roll through a complete inversion 154 feet in the air.
  • Verbolten®:  This multi-launch, indoor/outdoor roller coaster ends with a  88-foot drop toward the park’s Rhine River.  Surprise! It also features a one-of-a-kind free fall drop.

Click here to check out our entire ride collection, including:    

  • Europe in the Air:This high-tech simulator ride takes you  on a journey across the terrain, over the sea and through the air of iconic European landmarks.
  • Curse of DarKastle:  It’s a multi-sensory ride through a haunted castle packed with 3-D imagery and special effects.
  • Escape from Pompeii®:  We combined special theatrical effects with a major water ride, including a 5-story drop to the water.
  • Mäch Tower®:  Ready for a birds eye view? Mäch Tower raises you 240 feet, then drops you into a 60 mph free fall.
  • Le Scoot Log Flume:  If you’re looking to cool off a warm day, head to Le Scoot where a refreshing 50-foot plunge awaits.
  • Roman Rapids: It’s a white-water adventure for the you and the whole family, but be prepared to be soaked by the geysers and waterfalls.