Aquazoid is a 9-foot diameter enclosed flume measuring 863 feet that takes riders through twists and turns, waterfalls, and darkness before reaching a splash pool three-feet deep ascending to zero depth at the exit.

  • It’s fast. Aquazoid plunges you more than 850 feet down a darkened enclosed pipeline at more than 20 feet per second.
  • Look out for waterfalls and a final splashdown.
  • Each raft fits four adults or three adults and two children—so it’s fun for the whole family.

Rider Requirements: Life vests are recommended for riders shorter than 42 inches, and riders shorter than 48 inches must be with a supervisory companion. A supervisory companion is defined as being at least 14 years old. Infants are not permitted. All riders must have control of their upper torso, head, and neck. Single riders are not permitted.

Ride Position & Accessibility: The tower is accessible by stairs with handrails on either side with a tower height measuring 55 feet. The ride vehicle measures 7 feet and holds four adults, or three adults and two children. Riding position requires sitting in an upright position sitting crossed-legged. Handles are located on the floor or on top of the inflatable surface.