Big Daddy Falls

It’s a whitewater rafting adventure with a serious twist. Bring your family on board as you brave the rapids together—tackling crazy curves, tunnels, drops, and super-soaking cannon blasters.

  • With 670 feet of flumes and tunnels, it’s a river-rafting adventure that lives up to its name.
  • Climb on board your river raft. Each one fits four adults or three adults and two children—so it’s fun for the whole family.

Rider Requirements: Life vests are recommended for riders under 42 inches. Riders under 48 inches must be accompanied by a supervisory companion. A supervisory companion is defined as being at least 14 years old. Infants are not permitted. All riders must have control of their upper torso, head, and neck.

Rider Position & Accessibility: The 25-foot tower is accessible by stairs with handrails on either side. The queue line has a bridge way with two sets of steps (10-12 steps each set). Ride vehicle measures seven feet and holds four adults, or three adults and two children. Riding position requires sitting cross-legged in an upright position. Handles are located on the floor or the top of the inflatable surface. The landing pool measures three feet and ascends to a zero depth (beach like) at the end of the pool. The exit has two sets of handrails and six steps at the ride exit.