Colossal Curl

Water Country USA®’s guests are in for an epic journey on the park’s newest thrill ride - Colossal Curl™.

True to its name, this mega-slide promises to deliver an action-packed adventure with a unique combination of high-adrenaline elements. The ride starts with a funnel feature, which will swish and swirl guests before whisking them through the ride’s enclosed colorful tubes on their way to a wave element that hurtles them high above the park.

  • Colossal Curl offers a wet-and-wild thrill for the whole family. Each cloverleaf-shaped raft fits up to four people.
  • Riders must be at least 48 inches tall to take a ride on Colossal Curl.
  • Group of four riders must collectively weight less than 700 lbs.

Rider Requirements: Riders must be at least 48 inches tall. Hard casts are not permitted. All riders must have appropriate cognitive ability to abide by rider requirements and directions from ride attendants. Guests must have the physical and cognitive abilities to maintain proper riding position while seated upright and firmly grasping both handles for the duration of the ride. Single riders are not permitted.

Rider Position & Accessibility: The 67.5-foot tower is accessible by 108 steps with handrails on either side. The start tub is accessible by stepping over a 1.5-foot ledge. The splash pool is accessible by four steps with handrails on both sides. The ride vehicle holds two to four people. Riding position requires sitting in an upright position with legs extended forward. Handles are located on top of the inflatable surface. Riders must be able to grip both handles and maintain an upright seated position.