Beware of little green men. Our largest children’s water playground is an out-of-this-world adventure filled with slides, spray jets and a cool waterfall. There’s even a water slide kids and parents can ride together. 

  • It’s a fun children’s play area with interactive water features and child-sized short slides. 
  • Grab a tube for two. Our fun water slide requires a double tube, perfect for kids who want to slide with a parent.

Rider Requirements: Participants must be shorter than 56 inches, or be accompanied by a child.

WHAT IT IS: This popular water playground attraction features a parent'/child slide, a variety of other child-size slides, plus water guns, fountains and water wheels.

RIDER POSITION/ACCESSIBILITY: The parent/child slide empties into a 3-ft. deep splash pool. The ride vehicle on the parent/child slide is a 42" double tube that allows two riders to participate. The front seat of the tube is lined in the middle to accommodate smaller riders. Riding position includes sitting in a reclined position as the second rider places their legs under the arms of the first rider. The riders are sent feet first down the slide. Two handles are provided for each rider on either side of the inflatable surface. The two straight slides and one corkscrew slide empty into 2 feet of water. The unit has a tire swing and a semi-submerged tunnel. The unit itself is accessible by four to six steps with handrails on both sides. The riding position for the slides require sitting upright with feet together and arms resting at the sides.

AGE/HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: Riders must be 56" and under to participate in the play area or be accompanied by a child. Swim diapers are required in this area for children who normally wear diapers.