Hubba Hubba Highway

Catch the current and take a spin down Hubba Hubba Highway®. Our radical river adventure is 1,500 feet of free-floating fun—from surprise geysers and serious sprays, to crazy coconuts just waiting for the chance to drench. Road trip!

  • It’s like a lazy river that’s anything but lazy. Hubba Hubba Highway’s fast-moving current speeds you along.
  • No waiting! Just walk right in.
  • Each lap lasts about 5 minutes, and you can float as long as you like.
  • No raft required. It’s just you and the water.

Rider Requirements: No age or height requirement, but life vests are recommended for riders shorter than 56 inches. Infants must wear a life vest.

Rider Position & Accessibility: This attraction has a zero depth (beach like) entrance and descends to 3 1/3 feet within the river itself. The lagoon is accessible for virtually any guest. Guests will experience rapidly moving currents at a rate of five feet per second in the river and the lagoon has virtually no current.