Kritter Korral

It’s tons of fun for little ones. Younger kids will love this children’s play area, which features fun fountains, splash zones, and scaled-down water slides in the shape of their favorite sea creatures.

  • Kids will have a blast in this children’s water play area. Small slides, a two-foot-deep pool, a fountain, and several spraying stations are just the right size to explore.
  • The pool has a series of small animal slides including a shark, pelican, whale, seal, and frog.

Rider Requirements: Riders must be 50 inches and under to participate in the play area or be accompanied by a child. Swim diapers are required in this area for children who normally wear diapers

Rider Position & Accessibility: The entire area of the pool is accessible by one step from the pool deck into the water. Each animal slide is accessible by three to five steps and empties into the pool measuring two feet deep. The play area also contains two enclosed yellow slides. The large enclosed yellow slide is accessible by a netted ladder and empties into the pool’s deepest point of two and a half feet. The small enclosed yellow slide is accessible by three to five steps with handrails on either side. Riding position requires sitting upright with feet together and arms resting at the sides. The floating snake is secured from the pool bottom to the surface of the water.