Malibu Pipeline

Will it be the Bonzai? Or the Oahu? Whichever one of Malibu Pipeline’s® flumes you dare to defy, you’re in for a wild ride filled with totally tubular surprise twists, drops and turns. 
  • Two mostly enclosed tubes span longer than 450 feet and feature maximum drops of 55 feet. 
  • Look out for water jets, surprise turns and a waterfall. 
  • Bring a friend along for the ride. Two-person inner tubes are double the fun.
  • Make a splash! You’ll end up in a pool.

Rider Requirements: Life vests are required for riders shorter than 42 inches, who must also be with a supervising companion.

WHAT IT IS: Features two 54" diameter enclosed tubes, each 468 feet long that take riders through waterfalls and darkness into a splash pool 3 feet deep.

RIDER POSITION/ACCESSIBILITY: The exit is a set of four to six steps with handrails on multiple sides. The 55-ft. tower is accessible by stairs with handrails on either side. The ride vehicle is identical to Wild Thang, a 42" double tube allowing two riders to participate. Riding position requires sitting in a reclined position, feet first. Handles are located at the top of the tubes inflatable surface. If two riders are in place, the rider in the back places their legs under the first rider's arms.

AGE/HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: Riders 42" and under are required to wear a life vest.Riders under 42" must be accompanied by a supervisory companion. A supervisory companion is defined as being at least 14 years old. If two riders are participating, the larger of the two riders sits in the rear and the smaller rider in the front. Both guests must be able to maintain proper riding position. Single riders are seated in the rear of the tube. Single guests must be able to maintain proper riding position.