Go ahead—have a Meltdown®. This ultra-long zoom flume is a hot way to cool off, so climb on board your high-speed surf-boggan and get ready for 180-degree turns that will send you hurtling toward the edge. 
  • Our 701-foot-long flume propels you straight into a three-foot-deep splash pool.
  • Steep ice banks make it feel like you’re flying.
  • Challenge the raging waters on a surf-boggan made for three

Rider Requirements: Life vests are required for riders shorter than 42 inches, and riders shorter than 48 inches must be with a supervising companion.

WHAT IT IS: A 7-foot wide 701-ft long flume that empties into a 3-ft deep splash pool.

RIDER POSITION/ACCESSIBILITY: The tower is accessible by stairs with handrails on either side with a tower height measuring 38 feet. The ride vehicle is 11 feet long and 3 feet wide. The bullet shaped vehicle has rider dividers in each tube allowing up to three riders. Riding position requires sitting in a reclined position with your feet hanging over the divider in front of each rider (not crossed unless in the front seat). Handles are located at the top of the vehicle's inflatable surface. The exit to the splash pool consists of four to six steps with handrails on either side.

AGE/HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: Life vests are required for riders under 42". Guests are assigned seating in the vehicle to allow for proper weight distribution. Riders under 48" must be accompanied by a supervisory companion. A supervisory companion is defined as being at least 14 years old.