Nitro Racer

Looking for an awesome high-speed slide? There’s no competition. Challenge your friends to a bodysurfing battle on Nitro Racer®’s six-lane superhighway and see who wins bragging rights at the bottom.

  • It’s a blast! Travel 320 feet in less than four seconds.
  • Six single-rider slides are set side by side, so the race is always on.
  • Grab a foam bodysurfing mat and slide on your stomach.

Rider Requirements: Riders must be 42 inches or taller to ride. Riders must have ability to maintain proper riding position.

Rider Position & Accessibility: Riders lay on a mat and race to the finish line, which is a run out pool measuring two feet at maximum depth. The exit is accessible by two steps as you leave the run out pool. The 32-foot tower is accessible by steps with handrails on either side. The ride vehicle is a foam mat folded over at the top and connected by two vertical handles. Riding position requires lying on your stomach, head first, supporting your upper body with your elbows while gripping both handles. Hard full arm casts and leg casts are not permitted.