Rampage™ is our unique, ride-on toboggan slide. Once you climb aboard your surf-boggan and stare straight down that slippery ramp, it’s going to be too late.

  • Hold tight to your surf-boggan. Once you hurtle your way down a steep slide set at a 60-degree angle, you’ll go skidding across a 120-foot pool.

Rider Requirements: Riders must be 48 inches or taller. Riders must have ability to maintain proper riding position.

Rider Position & Accessibility: The exit pool is three feet at the base of the slides and ascends to a zero depth (beach like) exit. The exit walkway is fully accessible. The 31-foot tower is accessible by stairs with handrails on either side. The ride vehicle is a single rider toboggan sled weighing approximately 26 lbs. It contains foot wells for feet placement and two handrails on either side. Riding position requires sitting in an upright position with feet inside of the foot wells and holding both handles of the sled, then proceeding down the slide feet first. Hard full arm casts and leg casts are not permitted.