Rock 'n' Roll Island

Cast away to Rock ‘n’ Roll Island. It’s an awesome oasis of adventure, with a huge pool surrounded by a lazy river. Check out the Jammin’ Jukebox, where you can boogie your way down three totally twisted body slides. Test your balancing skills with a hand-over-hand walk across floating logs, or try the Little Bopper’s kids’ slide. It’s fun for the whole family. 

  • You’ll find nearly 600 feet of twisting enclosed tubes at our Jammin’ Jukebox, and there’s no raft required. 
  • Hop on an inner tube and float to your heart’s content. Our 700-foot Rambling River travels at a slow pace perfect for lounging. There’s no wait, so walk right in. 
  • Our 11,000-square-foot pool gives you plenty of room to swim
Life vests are recommended for riders under 42 inches. Jammin’ Jukebox riders must be at least 48 inches tall.
WHAT IT IS: This area features a wide variety of attractions ranging from body slides, a children's slide, free swim area and a lazy river. 

RIDER POSITION/ACCESSIBILITY: The entrance to Rock 'n' Roll Island is accessible by a ramp taking you over the lazy river and onto the island. There is an additional 8-10 step stairway equipped with handrails for your convenience. The Island's specific attractions are described in more detail below:

Jammin' Jukebox

WHAT IT IS: This attraction consists of three single-rider body slides each approximately 200 feet in length. Slides empty into a pool measuring three and a half feet in depth. The 32-ft tower is accessible by several flights of steps with handrails on both sides. 

RIDER POSITION/ACCESSIBILITY: Riding position requires lying on your back, feet first with legs crossed at the ankle, hands on shoulders with arms across chest. 

AGE/HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: There is no age restriction however; due to the nature of this ride life vests are not permitted. Riders must be at least 48" to ride. 

Rambling River 

WHAT IT IS: A 736-foot circle with a water depth of three feet. The water travels at 2 feet per second, half the rate of Hubba Hubba Highway. 

RIDER POSITION/ACCESSIBILITY: Tubes in a variety of single and/or two rider tubes ranging from 42" to 48" in diameter. The River has three stairway entrances with handrails on either side of each stairwell.

AGE/HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: No hand held infants One rider per tube opening Life vests are recommended for riders under 42" 

Log Cross and Activity pool 

WHAT IT IS: This play area can be found at the center of the Island. Pool size is 11,000 square feet. The water depth begins at three feet and descends to 3 feet as you move into the free swim area. The activity pool is accessible by four to six steps with handrails on either side and in the middle. 

RIDER POSITION/ACCESSIBILITY: The activity pool contains a floating logs consisting of four floating elements. Guests hold an overhead webbed rope to assist with balance as they walk from float to float across the pool. The stairway and swim ladder exits in the activity pool can also be used as an exit for this area. An accessible pool chair lift is available as an alternate entrance/exit for disabled guests in the activity pool's free swim area. Please see a team member for assistance prior to use. 


Little Bopper 

WHAT IT IS: A corkscrew slide designed for children measures 11.1/4 feet in height and empties into the activity pool. 

RIDER POSITION/ACCESSIBILITY: Steps on the tower have handrails on either side. Riding position requires sitting up or lying down feet first with arms at the side and feet together. 

AGE/HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: Life vests are recommended for riders under 42"