Surfer's Bay

Awesome waves. No sharks. Whether you’re up for some serious bodysurfing or simply practicing your back float, the largest wave pool in Virginia is an ocean of fun.

  • At 23,000 square feet, our wave pool is the perfect place for big adventure. 
  • Grab a life vest or brave the waves on your own 
  • Walk into the water—it’s just like a beach! Our pool gradually reaches 8 feet deep. 
  • Every 10 minutes, the surf starts crashing. Cycles of four-foot waves last 8 minutes. 

No age or height requirement, but life vests recommended for swimmers shorter than 42 inches.

WHAT IT IS: A 23,000+ sq. ft. pool featuring a zero depth (beach like) entrance.

RIDER POSITION/ACCESSIBILITY: The zero depth entrance makes it accessible for virtually any guest. Water depth varies from zero to eight feet. Wave cycles simulate ocean-like waves and wave cycles run on for eight minutes and off for 10 minutes.

AGE/HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: No age or height restriction. Life vests are recommended for riders under 42". 
Weak or non-swimmers should not go beyond the black line without a life vest.