TurtleTrek in the News

Jack Hanna Live Underwater from TurtleTrek

TurtleTrek will be making waves in the news across the country in the days leading up to the grand opening.  On Wednesday, April 25, tune into ABC’s Good Morning America to see world renowned animal expert Jack Hanna LIVE underwater surrounded by dozens of sea turtles in TurtleTrek’s turtle habitat. He’ll be joined by weathercaster and host of the new Sea Rescue show, Sam Champion, and will be sharing information about turtles and details about the park’s newest attraction.  You’ll also have a chance to watch Jungle Jack in action from TurtleTrek on The Weather Channel’s “Wake Up with Al” program during the 6 a.m. broadcast and Fox & Friends morning show during the 7 a.m. hour.  In addition, Jack will be seen on many local news stations in cities such as Chicago, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, and more.

SeaWorld Rescues, Rehabilitates and Returns Sea Turtles

SeaWorld’s Animal Rescue Team is on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to care for injured animals. In the news recently was SeaWorld’s aquarium team’s tremendous efforts to rehabilitate a 100-pound loggerhead turtle that swallowed a 4-inch fishing hook. Click here to watch this turtle’s incredible journey. And earlier this spring, SeaWorld’s aquarium team received two hawksbill turtle hatchlings. The hatchlings were approximately two months old at the time, weighed less than three ounces and were only three inches long.  Both were brought to SeaWorld for examination and continued care, including giving round-the-clock care for feedings and fluids.  They are now doing very well but still have a long journey ahead.  To date SeaWorld’s animal care team has rescued 11 turtles and returned 4. You can read more about SeaWorld’s animal rescue stories http://www.insideconservation.com.