Clyde & Seamore's Sea Lion High®

Clyde and Seamore's Sea Lion High is a sea lion comedy adventure at SeaWorld Orlando. Full of fun and big personalities of sea lions, walruses and otters, the show takes place in an aquatic-themed high school where laughter and education go hand in hand (er, flipper).

When our dynamic duo are nominated to win scholarships to Ocean University, they must enter crash courses in science, dance and gym in a storyline that is full of fast-paced fun. The cast of amazing animals and trainers connect guests with these incredible animals in a way that only SeaWorld can, and a special pre-show celebrates teachers from all over.

Park Location: Sea Lion & Otter Theater

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He's the captain of the swim team, three-year varsity letterman, and Sea Lion High's top jock. Clyde would rather swim laps or work on his high-vault than crack the books, and that's been his ticket to high school superstardom. Will graduation be another "W" in the win column, or is it destined to be Clyde's first defeat?




This pinniped prodigy takes higher learning to the next level with his serious love of formulas, physics, and complex computations. Seamore is super confident that he's got the graduation equation solved, but he might just be in for a big surprise.




Pranks and practical jokes become an art form in the tiny hands of this mischief-loving class clown. Opie shows up when you least expect it for inspired moments of fun-filled chaos that may send Sea Lion High spinning completely out of control.




Principal Twimby runs a tight ship and has zero tolerance for funny business. He's a stickler for the rules who expects dedication and discipline from every student in the school, even if they're as popular as Clyde and Seamore.




This varsity letterman superstar is the best thing that ever happened to Sea Lion High...just ask him. With scholarships and graduation on the line, Trip may need to put his monumental ego aside and work "hand in flipper" with his arch rivals Clyde & Seamore.


Sea Lions


How well would you sleep if your pillow were a rock? It’s a rocky life for California sea lions, but don’t worry, they know how to get comfortable. On land, they commonly sleep with all four flippers tucked under the body or with the foreflippers tucked under but the hind flippers together and extended. They also commonly rest and sleep upright with their heads thrown back, noses pointed upward.

Sea lion sounds include booming roars, like lions on land. They also have fantastic flippers. Sea lions are adapted for movement on land as well as in the water. Winglike front flippers have a bone structure similar to that in our arms and hands. Swimming with these flippers propels the sea lion forward, while the hind flippers steer. Both sets of flippers enable a sea lion to walk on land.

To the rescue! SeaWorld has rescued more than 3,500 seals and sea lions, including more than 550 California sea lions this year alone! Preventable problems hurt many of them, including pollution and overfishing the food they eat.

Make some noise for sea lions! Support sustainable seafood, clean up waterways, recycle fishing line and protect wild places in your own backyard and around the world.

Asian Small - Clawed Otters


Pint-sized, playful Asian small-clawed otters are the smallest of all otter species, measuring 26–37 in. (65 to 94 cm) and weighing just 2.2–11 lb. (1 to 5 kg). As their name suggests, they have small, blunt peglike claws. These claws, combined with their sensitive paws, help otters catch crustaceans, molluscs, and frogs from the silty riverbeds of their home range.

Scientists consider Asian small-clawed otters an ”indicator species”—their population level is a good way to tell about the general health of species that live with them and the overall health of their ecosystem. Unfortunately, they’re threatened with extinction due to habitat loss, pollution and demand for their thick, velvety fur.

SeaWorld saves otters through breeding, rescue and educational programs. You “otter” help as well! Be a super smart shopper, know where your souvenirs come from and never buy illegal wildlife products.

Pacific Walruses

Pacific walruses are super-sized relatives of California sea lions. Males can weigh more than 3,700 lb. (1,700 kg) while females tip the scales at more than 2,700 lb. (1,250 kg).

How many molars are in your mouth? Walruses usually have 16 flat teeth for cracking open hard, tasty treats like clams. To locate food, walruses use their vibrissae (whiskers). Think of them like fingers on your face. A walrus has about 400 to 700 vibrissae in 13 to 15 rows on its snout. Each is very sensitive to help find food in dark, underwater conditions.

SeaWorld rescues and rehabilitates many types of pinnipeds, including walruses. You can make a difference too by using less gas and oil. Rev up your recycling, especially for plastics which are created from petroleum. Carpool, use public transportation or better yet, hike or bike instead.