Sea Hideaway: Grades K-1

Kindergarten - Grade 1

Tag! You’re it. For the animals in the sea, it’s more than just a game of hide and seek. Search for all sorts of sneaky creatures as you discover how giant killer whales camouflage in the open ocean, why stingrays have flat bodies and where leafy sea dragons get their unique name. You’ll be amazed to learn the many ways and reasons why ocean animals hide; you might even find some surprises along the way!

Campers may have the opportunity to experience our world-class rides with their class. Height restrictions apply.

All K-8th Grade Camps Include...

  • Up-close animal encounters
  • Fun activities and take-home crafts
  • Secure camper pick-up and drop-off system
  • Lunch and snacks each day
  • Complimentary t-shirt and water bottle

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

2016 Dates:

  • June 13th – June 17th
  • June 20th – June 24th
  • June 27th – July 1st
  • July 4th – July 8th
  • July 11th – July 15th
  • July 18th – July 22nd
  • July 25th – July 29th
  • August 1st – August 5th
  • August 8th – August 12th

$350 per person
Pass members save $50 through the Pass Member website or calling 1-866-479-2267