About Dolphins

If belugas are known for their songs at sea, a dolphin's call is its whistle, which actually acts as its personal calling card. In fact, their signature whistle is so distinct that scientists can identify individual dolphins by looking at their whistle shapes on a sonogram.

At SeaWorld, we can tell them apart in a much less scientific way—by their personalities! While these are arguably the most playful animals in our parks, some respond more than others to stimulus like play, feeding times and guests. Stop by and see for yourself! They’ll be happy to show off a few of their many talents.

A Closer Look

Dolphins take center stage at two popular park attractions: Discovery Point and Beluga Stadium.

Pacific white-sided dolphins co-star in Ocean Discovery: Dolphins & Beluga Whales.

Learn more about these amazing animals in person through a Dolphin Swim.

Ask an Educator

Q: Where are they found?
SW: Dolphins are in a number of temperate and tropical oceans worldwide, either close to shore in bays, harbors and lagoons or farther out at sea in cooler, deeper waters.

Q: Are they endangered?
SW: Fortunately they aren’t currently considered either “endangered” or “threatened.”

Q: What do they eat?
SW: They have a pretty hearty diet that includes a wide variety of fishes, squids and crustaceans like shrimps.

Q: How big do they get?
SW: They average around 6.5 to a little over 12.5 feet.